The Foot Clinic

The Foot Clinic specialises in alleviating, preventing and correcting many foot and lower limb disorders and provide professional advice on proper foot care to patients of all ages and walks of life. As a well trained chiropodist Richard is good at assessing, diagnosing and treating abnormalities and with a wide range of treatments available as a state registered Chiropodist, Richard provides an excellent level of care for all his Foot Clinic patients

Why Choose Us

A family based clinic who cares, we offer an
holistic approach to recovery from injury or
trauma and relief from aches and pains.
We are dedicated to dealing with the root
cause of the problem and not just the effects.

Richard Pannell and the Foot clinic

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    Protecting Precious Feet, young & old

    Richard started his Foot Clinic in 1989 after he had qualified as a chiropodist, Plymouth has been his base ever since. The practice has evolved over the years and is now a multi functional clinic as Richard is now a HPC register Physiotherapist and Podiatrist. This means Richard can offer a truly holistic approach, this enables Richard to deal with the cause of problems and not just the effects. This desire of Richard's to practice in this way was further enhanced when he was joined by Jaqueline Beasley who is a qualified Sports massage therapist. Jaqueline has also qualified as a certified Rolfer in Germany and having had further training in Colorado USA is a Rolf Movement Practitioner.

Just a few of the conditions that we treat at The Foot Clinic